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Contact & About HW group

HW group company is based in Prague in the Czech Republic. We are 25 people with full development of our products. Company is focused to IP-serial port devices and IP remote monitoring sensors. HW group distribution network span over Europe, Middle East, South & North America.
The company was founded in 1997 and in 2003 divided into HW server s.r.o (Internet journal for Electronics design) and HW group s.r.o. (this company).


Company:   HW group s.r.o.
Shipping address: HW group s.r.o
Formanská 296
Praha 4
149 00
Invoice address:
HW group s.r.o
Rumunska 26
Prague 2
120 00
Czech Republic

VAT: CZ27096963


+420 222 511 918

from USA:
011 420 222 511 918


+420 222 513 833

from USA:
011 420 222 511 918




Technical standards


Our final products are produced in Europe and conform to all European and FCC standards.

EC guideline (RoHS)

The EC "Restriction of Hazardous Substances in Electrical & Electronic Equipment" (RoHS) guideline has been released in order to reduce the heavy metal load in electrical and electronic products caused by e.g. lead and mercury. All manufacturers are obligated to provide only RoHS-compliant products to the European market, effective from July 1st, 2006.

In cooperation with our suppliers, all relevant products are currently redesigned to comply with the EC guideline. Thus, HW group s.r.o will be able to deliver some RoHS-compliant products already before the guideline's official commencement of July 1st, 2006 (probably April 2006).

Download the PDF document comprising the EC guideline content: Hazardous Material EC Directive (RoHS).pdf

MAC address: 00 0A 59 0X XX XX

All our ethernet devices use assigned unique MAC address by the IEEE organization.
You can verify Company_id Assignments in the IEEE OUI database or in the full MAC address listing.
Our protected MAC address range: 00-0A-59-00-00-00 - 00-0A-59-0F-FF-FF

IANA - MIB company identification: 21796

Registration number of the SNMP device producer, it's reffered-to in the MIB table. More details - PRIVATE ENTERPRISE NUMBERS



Shipping address and company office:

HW group s.r.o
Formanská 296 (map)
Praha 4
149 00

GPS: Loc: 50°01'05.0"N 14°31'29.7"E

Tel. +420 222 511 918   Fax. 222 513 833

Public transport:

  • Bus: bus 363, station: "Ke Smrčině" from subway C: "Opatov"


Are you searching more navigation detail? You can use interactive online map on Google with marked our office.


Official data

Official address: HW group s.r.o.
Rumunska 26/122
Prague 2
120 00
EU VAT: CZ27096963
VIES VAT number validation
Shipping address: HW group s.r.o.
Formanská 296
Praha 4
149 00
Phone: +420 222 511 918
Fax: +420 222 513 833
Account name: HW group s.r.o.
Account number: CZ4155000000001284838001
Bank: Raiffeisenbank a.s.
Olbrachtova 9
140 21 Praha 4
Česká Republika