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Damocles 2404i

Damocles 2404i features 24 dry contact inputs and 4 relays controlled over an IP network (Ethernet). Includes a built-in web server, output control and alarm alerts (e-mail and SNMP trap). Outputs can be controlled manually in the web interface, or with M2M protocols (SNMP, XML, Modbus/TCP).

  • 24 DI (Digital Inputs) for connecting dry contacts (32 bit pulse sounter on each)
  • 4 DO (Relay outputs) – NO and NC contacts (Digital Outputs)
  • Box-2-Box mode – remote inputs from Poseidon / Damocles
  • Closing of a contact triggers a SNMP trap / e-mail
  • Installation in 10 minutes, no special software is necessary
  • Embedded WEB server / graphical UI
  • Control of outputs: WEB interface; With a local condition (thermometer / other input); With a remote output on the network (Box-2-Box mode)
  • Alarm alerts: E-mail; SNMP trap; Activation of a remote output; PD Trigger application: SMS / Pop-Up window / Shutdown Windows / start an application
  • Inputs and their states can be named (e.g. I4 “Tank 7” 1 = “full”, 0 = “empty”)
  • Pulse Counter: 32. bit counter on each Digital Input (for connecting S0 pulses) - counter protected against power failure

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