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The SH4 is an ultimate access system that works with any electromagnetic lock and any RFID reader. It will work in your datacenter as well as in your office or even your home. Whether you have one door or several hundred racks, the SH4 system provides a cost effective way to manage access to your technology.

Each SH4 device can connect up to 2 electromagnetic locks and 2 RFID readers of your choice. There are many locks and RFID readers on the market. The SH4 already supports the most common models and others can be added upon request.

You can find more details about how the system works here:

  • Controls two electromagentic locks
  • Can connect two independent RFID readers (with or without keypad)
  • The SH4 unit can connect additional HWg-SH4e and HWg-SH4s units (max.16 units)
  • Online / Offline mode
  • Online mode uses central management server application HWg-DCD
  • SNMP for remote supervising in monitoring centers
  • Supports SNMP traps

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Online Demo: 
Czech Republic
POLYGON ((12.090589 48.5518081, 12.090589 51.0557185, 18.8592361 51.0557185, 18.8592361 48.5518081, 12.090589 48.5518081))
HW group Office, Formanská 296, 149 00 Praha, Czech Republic
YouTube video: 
Adding HWg-SH4e units to the central HWg-SH4 control unit
Adding HWg-SH4 unit to HWg-DCD2 software
Adding the HWg-SH4 unit to HWg-DCD2 software via wizard
Adding a user to the HWg DCD2 system
Uninstalling HWg-DCD2 from PC
Download and installation of HWg-DCD2 on PC