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Vibration detector SS14

SS14 is a detection device of shocks and vibrations. Is used to protect fixtures, windows, box, or any passage where is needed detect
break-in attempts by vibrations or strong shocks. It 'also equipped with a separate second reed contact normally closed.

  • dimension L77 H36 P20 mm
  • supply 13.8Vcc
  • standby corrent 9mA
  • max corrent 18mA
  • Tamper protection yes
  • RFI protection 30V/m (20 MHz - 2000 MHz)
  • Tamper contact 0.2 A - 24 Vcc
  • Alarm conatct Max 40 mA - 30 Vcc
  • Temperature -20°C a +50°C
  • Housing ABS

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