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LoriotPro by the France-based Luteus company is intended for monitoring enterprise information systems and the associated network infrastructure. It supports advanced methods for managing and configuring active network elements via SNMP. Various services can be monitored using protocols such as HTTP. In addition, monitored nodes can be organized into maps, reports can be created periodically, etc.

Licence type: 
  • Licence: Three commercial versions, one free limited version
  • Estimated price: 1500 EUR / LoriotPro Standard
Tested with: 
  • Supported OS: Windows 98, 2000, XP, Server 2003
  • NT service/daemon: Yes
  • User interface: Local application, web interface
  • GUI: Device icons / Graphical display of values / Maps / Tree of values
  • Language: EN, FR
  • Communication protocol: SNMP, HTTP, etc.
  • MIB Manager: Yes
  • Response to Alarm:
  • Local: Play a sound, pop up a window, run an external file, record to an external log
  • Functions: Send an e-mail

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