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M1 (Monitor one)

M1 (Monitor one) is a very sophisticated software with basic Service Desk functionality. The software relies on the SNMP protocol, and contains embedded functions for detecting and discovering devices. Monitor can create intuitive multi-level hierarchical network topology maps that can be made easier to understand and more attractive by adding geographical maps or floor plans as a background.

Licence type: 
  • Free evaluation version is limited to 8 monitored IP addresses
  • 450 USD / 50 IP addresses
Tested with: 
  • Gain total control over your network.
  • Know what it is doing and where the trouble spots are.
  • Call your users to inform them of a serious problem before they call you!
  • Reduce costs and increase network up-time by being able to manage your network more efficiently.
  • Better serve your users by being able to provide the exact information they ask for.
  • Network monitoring and network management made easy!

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