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Paessler – IPCheck Server Monitor

IPCheck Server Monitor is a very user-friendly and robust system for IT infrastructure monitoring. It was designed primarily for monitoring servers and services. It supports SNMP, in addition to many other protocols

Licence type: 
  • Licence: Two free versions are available:
    • Free version is limited to 5 monitored values
    • 30-day demo of the commercial product, turns to free version upon expiration
  • Estimated price: 124 EUR / Standard Edition – 25 sensors
Tested with: 
  • Supported OS: Windows NT 6, 2000, XP, Server 2003
  • NT service/daemon: Yes
  • User interface: Local application, fully-featured web interface
  • GUI: Device icons / Graphical display of values / Tree of values
  • Language: EN, DE, ES
  • Communication protocol: SNMP
  • MIB Manager: Yes, as an external application
  • Response to Alarm:
  • Local: Play a sound, pop-up a window, execute an external file, record to EventLog
  • Functions: Send an e-mail, NET SEND, HTTP Request

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