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PS Eye

PS Eye is an application for collecting and storing CDR and other data from PortStore units. The program is available free of charge for collecting data from up to three devices, commercial version supports up to 64 data sources (IP addresses).

Licence type: 
  • PS Eye - Free version, limited to 3 channels (devices), for non-commercial use
  • PS Eye 15D - Commercial version, supports 15 channels (devices)


SW version: 
Tested with: 
  • Data are periodically downloaded from PortStore2 and PortStore4 units and stored to separate data files.
  • Simple graphical environment for Windows 2000/XP/Vista and 2000/2003 Server.
  • PS Eye contains a wizard for configuring communication channels.
  • PS Eye reads data in different ways (TCP Client / Server, FTP, Email)
  • Data are safely stored even if it is not possible to write to the output TXT file. The file can be blocked by another application.
  • Works as a service (NT service), supports Windows 2000/XP/Vista and 2000/2003 Server

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