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  • Base Transceiver Station (BTS) monitoring

    A mobile carrier operates a country-wide system of Base Transceiver Stations (BTS). The BTS system is the part of a GSM network that is responsible for the reception and transmission of radio signals from mobile phones. A Base Transceiver Station is a general description of equipment consisting of...
  • Box-2-Box: Relay control over LAN

    Two I/O Controller units can be connected against each other over a LAN. Digital inputs are then connected over the network to relay outputs. The delay is approximately 200ms. With a remote LAN relay, it is possible to switch any device on or off.
  • Connecting Saia Burgess M-Bus meters to a LAN (SNMP, Modbus/TCP)

    This Case study shows how to connect Saia Burgess M-Bus electricity meters to the Ethernet. You can read values remotely using SNMP or Modbus/TCP protocols. Web interface, email reporting and alarming is available. Tested with Saia Burgess ALD1D5FM one phase meter and ALE3D5FM three phase meter...
  • Controlling a 110/230V power switch over Ethernet

    The remote power switch is connected to a LAN (IP) and controlled from any application. Open a gate or switch on a light (230V/16A relay output) by clicking an icon on your desktop. The relay output can be controlled from Windows or Linux, from the command line or from a GUI.
  • Electricity consumption metering

    HWg-PWR collects data from meters over M-Bus (data are logged into the internal memory). Consumption charts can be plotted over the Web, e-mail alerts to overcurrent can be configured. HWg-PWR can send detailed billing information every month. With a certified M-Bus electricity meter, costs can be...
  • Energy consumption in residential buildings

    We offer an efficient optimization solution with our HWg-PWR product
  • Environment monitoring in greenhouses

    Environment monitoring in greenhouses
  • Flood and fire detection in hotels or hostels

    A hotel chain is renovating and upgrading their rooms. There are plumbing installations in every room (bathroom, heating). However, these installations need to be secured against leaks to prevent damages. The same goes for fire.
  • GSM temperature monitoring and logging, e-mail alerts over GPRS

    Portable solution for remote temperature monitoring and logging, suitable for monitoring rooms or equipment. Excessive temperature sensed by a probe is signaled by a SMS or a ring. GSM thermometer Ares12 continuously logs the temperature in its internal memory and periodically e-mails the log over...
  • IP Thermostat with a Web interface

    Poseidon can be used for monitoring over an IP network, or as a thermostat or hygrostat. Application Note 36 describes the available local / remote thermostat function options and the Poseidon unit setup.
  • Monitoring prostředí a přístupové systémy v datacentrech

    Monitoring prostředí a přístupové systémy v datacentrech
  • Poseidon 4002 – Rack Monitoring System

    A Poseidon 4002 unit with various sensors and probes (temperature, humidity, door contacts, power supply, water flood) monitors the environment inside a 19" cabinet. It can report over SNMP to any datacenter or IT monitoring system.
  • Převod serial dat na ethernet obchodní řetězec

    Převod serial dat na ethernet obchodní řetězec
  • Remote control & IP sensor monitoring + IP cameras in one system (HSYCO)

    Simple to use solution combines IP sensors from HW group and IP cameras to one system. You can control your smart house from anywhere on your iPad, iPhone, Nokia or any other smart phone / tablet device.
  • Replace a serial printer with the PortStore - network serial buffer

    A serial printer is still nowadays used to monitor reports from various devices like is a central alarm unit or fire alarm. Sometime it can be useful to monitor printed data over Ethernet network or simply replace the serial printer with any unit and collect data over the network. Application Note...
  • S0 pulse counter with SNMP & Modbus/TCP

    Case study on connecting electricity, gas or water meters to the Ethernet and reading values over the SNMP or Modbus/TCP protocols. Pulse outputs from 3rd party meters (S0 interface) are connected to the Damocles Ethernet I/O unit. Each Digital Input on the Damocles unit features a 32-bit pulse...
  • Saving energy in a retail chain

    The customer runs a network of dozens of retail stores. The mother company pays all operating costs, including the energy/utility bills. In the light of increasing energy prices, the customer started to look for ways of reducing the energy costs.
  • Temperature monitoring in healthcare

    Usage examples of our devices in healthcare
  • Temperature monitoring in warehouses and coolers

    Temperature monitoring in warehouses, coolers and production plants
  • Thermostat and hygrostat with web interface (230V relays)

    For IT applications in cabinets or outdoor locations, maintaining the stable temperature and humidity range is critical. Poseidon 3468 is used as an independent thermostat and hygrostat, with remote monitoring and control over TCP/IP.
  • Zabezpečení budov a kontrola přístupů

    Zabezpečení budov a kontrola přístupů
  • 19” cabinet monitoring over GSM and LAN

    Independent rack monitoring over IP and GSM. Open door, high temperature or electricity outage is signaled by SMS to several phone numbers. E-mail and SNMP trap are also sent. It is possible to connect a horn (local alarm) or a fan (local cooling). The solution is designed for 19” cabinets.
  • Cabinet door monitoring over IP

    Example of a remote door, temperature and humidity monitoring solution. Whenever a door opens, a notification is sent by e-mail or SNMP. Supplied door contacts fit any door, or even the side boards of a 19" rack.
  • E-mail alert to high temperature (overheating)

    IP thermometer enables web-based, remote temperature monitoring over IP networks. System overheating or excessive temperature alerts are sent by e-mail. Supplied with software for downloading data over IP, displaying graphs and exporting data to MS Excel. (Excel thermometer)
  • Monitoring teploty ve zdravotnictví

    Příklad použití našich zařízení ve zdravotnictví
  • PortBox and Epson lx-300+

    Epson LX300 is a typical dot matrix printer with single sheet/fanfold paper feeder. It can be connected to LPT or RS-232. This article describes how to connect this printer to a serial port and make it accessible via ethernet network using the RS-232 - Ethernet converter PortBox.
  • SMS & Email temperature alert

    Temperature is monitored with a GSM/GPRS thermometer. SMS (text message) alert can be delivered to 5 recipients. The Ares12 unit is also capable of sending alerts as standard E-mail through its GPRS data connection. Temperature alert can be sent whenever the temperature is too high or too low.
  • Temperature monitoring in coolers and fridges

    A Poseidon 2250 unit monitors storage conditions for food or pharmaceuticals. Up to 30 probes can be connected – temperature, humidity, air pressure, door contacts.
  • Temperature monitoring over SNMP and e-mail

    The HWg-STE IP Thermometer enables remote temperature monitoring over a LAN. If the system overheats or a temperature is exceeded, an e-mail alert is sent. Supplied with the HWg-PDMS software for Windows – charts, export to MS Excel.
  • Water flood detection

    Water or any other conductive liquid is detected along the entire length of the WLD sensing cable. The WLD sensing cable can be extended with a regular cable. This allows for optimizing the costs for a detection zone.
  • Application note 42: 0-20mA or 4-20mA current loop

    When using LAN and GSM sensors by HW group, it is important to understand the difference between a 0..20mA current loop and a 4..20mA current loop. This Application Note explains the difference.
  • Controlling of IP Relay using program NetCat

    Besides the RS-232 serial port, the IP Relay device contains also another two relays whose switching on/off can be controlled over Ethernet (TCP/IP). Application Note 21 describes how to control relays from the Windows command line sending right sequence using program NetCat.
  • Controlling outputs from SensDesk

    The SensDesk portal supports a new feature for controlling device outputs using the portal web interface. Simply flip a switch in the web interface, and in a few seconds, a relay at the device flips, too. This Application Note details the advantages and limitations of the CheckPeriod...
  • Examples of using Poseidon Industrial Bus

    The application example details the use of the Industrial Bus (RS-485) for connecting sensors to a Poseidon2 4002 unit. It describes in detail the wiring of cables and connectors, as well as the DIP switch settings for supplied accessories.
  • How to connect HWg WLD to a HWg-SMS-GW3 gateway

    In addition to sending a SMS alert, the HWg SMS gateway can alert the recipient by dialing a call to the same number and letting it ring for a short time. This is a description how to connect HWg-WLD to the HWg-SMS-GW3. HWg-WLD detects water leaks or water floods along the entire length of the...
  • How to connect your devices to the SensDesk portal

    This document shows the steps to connect your devices to SensDesk portal and the portal configuration.
  • How to send an e-mail from the PortStore buffer device

    The PortStore buffer device has the facility to send e-mail alert when power failure occurs or the buffer is getting full. These functions are useful when you use PortStore as CDR/SMDR buffer for PBX in remote location. To use this function, it is necessary to have installed a SMTP server on the...
  • How to send SMS via HWg-SMS-GW3

    HWg-SMS-GW3 is a SMS gateway for sending text message alarms over a LAN. HWg-SMS-GW3 is primarily intended for use with HW group products and software. However, its communication interfaces are sufficiently documented for use with third-party systems. This Application Note shows how to use HWg-SMS-...
  • HTTPS v jednotkách Poseidon2 a Damocles2

    Pod zkratkou HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) se skrývá zabezpečená, či chcete-li šifrovaná podoba komunikačního protokolu HTTP, který se používá k zobrazení WWW stránek. Běžný uživatel se s ním setká vždy při placení přes internet, používání elektronického bankovnictví a dalších...
  • HWg ARES and SensDesk temporary disconnection resolved-action needed

    We recommend to check the SensDesk portal and reset the ARES device connection. This step can be processed remotely by procedure, using following SMS messages. Do you need more informations regarding the SMS commands to ARES? More informations you could find in our manual on the pages 30 and 31 :...
  • I/O Controller - connecting relay to 230V AC

    I/O Controller can read states of digital inputs and control 8 outputs over network. Inputs and outputs are designed for low voltage up to 50V. This application note describes how to connect relay to I/O Controller. You can control 230V AC (110) device over external relay or detect voltage over...
  • Jak aktivovat HWg-Trigger a HWg-PDMS

    Oba dva naše SW představují pohodlné užívání, jelikož licence komunikuje každý den proti našemu licečnímu serveru a to znamená, že se licence automaticky prodlužuje. Může se stát, že v některých případěch k automatickému prodlužování nedochází. V takovém případě Vám doporučujeme zkontrolovat vaše...
  • Jak na režim Box2Box v zařízeních

    Pro tuto ukázku jsme zvolili zařízení I/O Controler 2 I/O Controller 2 lze připojit proti PC a jeho sériový port použít jako VSP (Virtuální Sériový Port) připojený po síti LAN. HW group dodává zdarma aplikaci HW VSP s podporou až 100 vzdálených sériových portů (podporuje Windows 7, x64 systémy). I/...
  • M1 - SMS notification from a NMS

    The M1 a.k.a. Monitor one is a monitoring software for Windows that works with SNMP-enabled devices. Besides notifying about alarm status by e-mail and by closing a contact (see AN33), the software also allows to send a text message (SMS) containing a specified text. The SMS is sent via a GSM modem...
  • M1 – Closing a remote relay contact upon NMS alarm

    Poseidon, in conjunction with the M1 a.k.a. Monitor one software, can be used to close a relay contact if a preset value (temperature, humidity, etc.) is exceeded. This AN describes one of the possible methods.
  • Modbus/TCP in Poseidon2 and Damocles2 family

    Modbus is a communication protocol designed for measuring devices that communicate over RS-485 or RS-232 (sometimes named Modbus RTU). The Modbus protocol itself allows to share the memory area for variables , e.g. the readings, over one of the physical interfaces. Modbus/TCP is an extension of...
  • Modbus/TCP v zařízení I/O Controller2 a IP Relay HWg-ER02b

    O Modbus/TCP v jednotkách Poseidon2 a Damocles 2 jsme si již psali zde : . Teď přicházi na řadu Modbus/TCP v jednotkách I/O Controller2 a IP Relay HWg-ER02b, které protokol Modbus/TCP podporují.
  • Monitoring HWg devices in Nagios - Introduction

    Introduction to Nagios for novice users who need to monitor sensor outputs (such as temperature/humidity in a server room) but have only limited experience with Nagios.
  • MQTT in practice on Poseidon2/Damocles2

    MQTT is a lightweight TCP/IP protocol designed for use in IoT applications or in situations where many external devices send data to a central hub. The central hub can aggregate data and further distribute them to all subscribed devices. This Application Note describes how to use the MQTT protocol...
  • netGSM - How it work with HW group devices

    The netGSMfunction is designed for sharing one GSM modem connected to one unit with other devices on the same network. This means that more Poseidon units can send Alarm SMS using one GSM modem thus reducing network topology and costs.
  • PosDamIO - use command line to control outputs

    Poseidon Damocles I/O is a line utility for Windows and UNIX. It enables to control Poseidon and Damocles units over XML interface, show list of sensor's states, inputs, outputs as well as to setup output to log. 1 or 0. The PosDamoIO utility is designed for line scripts and applications that need...
  • Poseidon & Damocles Installation Wizard

    Installation Wizard simplifies the use of Poseidon and Damocles products in your applications. Simply call the wizard from within your application to add, remove or configure a Poseidon or Damocles unit.
  • Poseidon – hysteresis - Preventing false alarms

    Poseidon monitoring unit sends SMS, e-mail, and SNMP traps whenever a sensor value is outside of a safe range. However, when the temperature or humidity fluctuates, the unit can send tens or hundreds of messages that are unnecessary and bother the user. AN35 describes ways of avoiding false alarms.
  • Remote energy monitoring with ABB DELTAMax M-Bus meters

    Case study showing how to connect ABB M-Bus power meters to the Ethernet. Tested with DHM13007 and DBM23000 three phase ABB M-Bus meters. The ABB ODIN meters family (1 or 3 phase) is also supported with the OA1408 serial to M-Bus converter. You can read values remotely over SNMP or Modbus/TCP...
  • Selecting M-BUS communication type (displaying multiple values from a meter)

    The M-BUS is designed for low consumption, and for this reason allows to query device values using different requests. The issue is that some meters respond to a “Basic” request only with the total consumption values; another request type (REQ_UD1, SND_OUD or other) must be used to display more...
  • Sensor accuracy over time

    All sensors – temperature, humidity, voltage and others are getting old through time and their parameters are changed. This is caused by aging of material but also environment as dust, grease etc. can have impact on this. For this reason there might be measurement inaccuracies which HW group s.r.o...
  • Serial Tx Pause for Eth/RS-232 converter

    This application note describes how to pause the remote transmition of data on Ethernet/RS-232/485 converters. This functionality is necessarry if you need to send the output data over RS-232 in precisely defined packets. This way you can ensure the precise timing on the serial port output.
  • The SNMP v3 is now supported in all the Poseidon2 units.

    The SNMP v3 is now supported in all the Poseidon2 units. This is a major update that brings many advantages and improvements. The following text will explain all the advantages of the SNMP v3 and how to use it in the Poseidon2 devices.
  • UDP Config in your applications

    Most of the HW group devices allow you to set the IP address using UDP broadcast. It is implemented in the Hercules utility, for example. The AN20 is intended for companies that want to implement the device search in their applications.
  • Use of Poseidon2 and Damocles2 with Azure

    For work with Microsoft Azure MQTT protocol is used with Poseidon2 and Damocles2 units. It is necessary to have FW 3.2.6 and higher
  • Virtual outputs in Poseidon2/Damocles2

    Virtual outputs in Poseidon2 and Damocles2 units allows to use outputs from different Poseidon2 and Damocles2 units (Box2Box). De facto we are talking about similar feature, which was based on SNMP traps, only in case of Virtual outputs the communication runs more reliable way via TCP/IP protocol,...
  • AN24: Using SP Duo dongle with Charon 2 DK

    Application example AN24 connecting SP Duo programming dongle to the Charon2 development kit module. How to connect SP Duo to the DK board over SPI as well as JTAG interface and use in the AVR studio.
  • SNMP – Interface description

    SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) is suitable for primary system information exchange using short packets.
  • The SNMP v3 is now supported in all the Poseidon2 units

    The SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) is a way of quick and simple supervision of network elements and services. It is being increasingly used for monitoring the environment where these elements work. Mainly due to the possibility to monitor the temperature, humidity and other values in the...
  • HWg-WLD Relay: Water leak detector with sensing cable

    HW group would like to present you HWg-WLD Relay. The device indicates a water leak or flood anywhere along the length of the connected sensing cable (up to 85m – 280ft). The sensing cable can be laid along water pipes, walls, or under windows. Water or other liquid anywhere along the entire length...
  • Certified solution for deep frozen food products

    Poseidon 2250, HWg-STE and Captemp SQL 4 cerified for transport, storage and conservation of deep-frozen food temperature monitoring and control. Solution from Captemp, Lda is compatible with REGULATION (EC) No 37/2005, comply with EN 12830, EN 13485 and EN 13486 standards.
  • Damocles 1208: Remote electricity consumption metering

    Damocles 1208 is a cost-effective Ethernet-enabled device with digital inputs (12) and relay outputs (8) accessible over a LAN. Typical applications involve counting pulses from electricity meters, water meters, gas meters etc. User interaction is simplified by the HWg-PDMS application for Windows...
  • Hsyco & HWg-STE: Htemp sensors integration

    HW group, a well-known manufacturer of IP sensors (HWg-STE: SNMP thermometer, HWg-WLD: Web-based water leak detector, Poseidon, Damocles), has released a series of plug-ins that simplify the use of its IP sensors in Nagios, a popular open-source IT infrastructure monitoring system.
  • HW group at the SENSOR+TEST 2014 trade fair

    HW group on SENSOR+TEST 2014 fair in Nuremberg (3.-5.6.2014). We would like to invite you to our Stand 470 in Hall 12. We will exhibit there with the LUCOM company.
  • HWg-Ares12 – A New GSM/GPRS Thermometer

    HWg-Ares12 enables remote monitoring of temperature, illumination, power supply and other sensors over GSM/GPRS. Its internal back-up battery can keep the measurements running for several hours. The product is designed for dozens and hundreds of installations.
  • HWg-Juno - I/O devices for IP CCTV

    HW group is entering the IP surveillance market with the introduction of HWg-Juno. HWg-Juno is a specialized device for integration of I/O’s into Genetec’s Omnicast. We are thrilled to bring to market HWg-Juno as first dedicated IP I/O device supporting the Genetec Protocol. Now you can simply...
  • HWg-Juno: A new family of I/O devices for IP CCTV

    HWg-Juno is an I/O device for IP CCTV integration. You can simply connect digital inputs & relay outputs to your current central IP video management system. HWg-Juno support protocols for seamless integration with most IP Video software packages.
  • HWg-PDMS: Monitoring software

    HWg STE alerts by e-mail to temperatures outside of a safe range. Supplied with a power adapter and one temperature sensor, another temperature/humidity sensor can be connected.
  • HWg-Push protocol

    HWg-Push is a protocol for active communication from a device (IP sensor) to a central server.
  • HWg-SMS-GW: GSM gateway for sending SMS alarms

    HW group is featuring a GSM gateway, which eases the work and lowers the administration expenses. HWg-SMS-GW is designated for sending alert SMS messages from HWg devices. No software is required and the gateway works on LAN network in Box-2-Box (Peer-to-Peer) mode.
  • HWg-STE plus: Ethernet thermometer with Digital Inputs

    Company HW group s.r.o. is in now introducing a new Ethernet monitoring device HWg-STE plus for temperature and humidity measuring. Sensors connected to this unit can be viewed through a web interface or applications for smartphones and this Ethernet thermometer has also 2 additional digital inputs...
  • HWg-STE PoE: SNMP thermometer

    HWg-STE PoE is a web-enabled temperature (humidity) sensor with Power over Ethernet capability (PoE IEEE 802.3af) that simplifies installation. Measured temperature and humidity values are available over SNMP or through central Windows software (available free of charge).
  • HWg-WLD: Water flood detector

    HWg-WLD is a network-enabled water leak detector with a water-absorbing sensing cable. HWg-WLD features a built-in web server, SNMP support, and e-mail alerts to flooding. HWg-WLD can remotely control a relay output over the network (a relay is switched when a water leak is detected along the...
  • IP sensors by HW group easily work with Nagios

    HW group, a well-known manufacturer of IP sensors (HWg-STE: SNMP thermometer, HWg-WLD: Web-based water leak detector, Poseidon, Damocles), has released a series of plug-ins that simplify the use of its IP sensors in Nagios, a popular open-source IT infrastructure monitoring system.
  • IP WatchDog HWg-WR02a: Ping restarter

    IP WatchDog WR02a monitors whether a controlled device, or an Internet connection, is “alive”. If the correct reply is not received in time, the controlled device is restarted using a relay, or a back-up connection is activated.
  • PortBox2: Full RS-232 and RS-485 Ethernet convertor

    HW group presents a device which allows you to access an RS-232 or RS485 serial port remotely over Ethernet. By this, it allows you to control for example serial printers, displays, light signalisation or industrial machines remotely. A typical use is also in attendance systems, security alarms or...
  • Poseidon 4002: Rack mount environment monitoring

    The Poseidon 4002 is a 19" 1U rack mount system for datacenter temperature and environment monitoring. The Poseidon presents the solution for monitoring of the racks and computer rooms (temperature, humidity, electricity supply, access to the room, detectors). The device alerts by e-mail, SNMP...
  • Poseidon and IP cameras: Focus on the spot where something is going on

    “ATEAS Security System and HW group have interconnected ATEAS, the IP surveillance system, with external sensors using the Poseidon product.
  • Poseidon2 - a new generation of remote sensor monitoring over LAN

    HW group s.r.o. has recently introduced two new generation models from a Poseidon2 product family, designed for remote monitoring in IT environment.
  • Poseidon2 3468 – Sensors and detectors monitoring over Ethernet for industrial applications

    HW group s.r.o. has recently introduced two new generation models from a Poseidon2 product family, designated for remote monitoring in industrial and telco environments.
  • SensDesk: Online sensors monitoring provided for free by a new portal

    Anyone connected to Internet can now remotely monitor temperature, humidity and or for example appliances power input. Sensor units, connected to an IP network, communicate with a web portal SensDesk, which offers its users a simple overview and an option to work with the collected data.
  • Sensor monitoring in Nagios over LAN and GSM/GPRS

    HW group introduces its new HWg-Push Nagios collector – a simple way of connecting LAN and GSM/GPRS sensors to Nagios-based monitoring systems. For a system integrator, this means reduced costs for monitoring moving sites or sites that are difficult to connect to a standard LAN. Moreover, remote...
  • The PortStore with PBX

    A typical application of the PortStore and PortStore2 devices is storing a CDR/SMDR from PBX serial port, which can be then accesed over intranet or Internet network. You can also store tarification (call accounting) data to the PBX using the RS-232 interface.