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HWg-CS56: Connecting Saia Burgess M-Bus meters to a LAN (SNMP, Modbus/TCP)

This Case study shows how to connect Saia Burgess M-Bus electricity meters to the Ethernet. You can read values remotely using SNMP or Modbus/TCP protocols. Web interface, email reporting and alarming is available. Tested with Saia Burgess ALD1D5FM one phase meter and ALE3D5FM three phase meter. HWg-PWR 25 smart gateway is used to convert M-Bus to LAN.

Saia Burgess M-Bus power meters can be mixed with other M-Bus meters (including water meters, gas meters, etc.)
Up to 3 or 12 or 25 M-Bus meters can be connected to a single HWg-PWR 3/12/25 smart ethernet gateway.
HWg-PWR can be used as a stand-alone solution. HWg-PWR periodically sends reports for given periods. Measured values are stored for later analysis or billing.
You can use Saia Burgess ALD1D5FM (one phase) or ALE3D5FM (three phase) electricity meters, or any other M-Bus meter.

Connecting Saia Burgess ALD1D5FM or ALE3D5FM M-Bus meters to a LAN

Reading values remotely over Modbus/TCP (SCADA systems) or SNMP monitoring systems

Electricity consumption monitoring over Internet

Detailed electricity monitoring / metering / billing

Complex monitoring and metering systems (electricity, heat, water, gas...)

Energy consumption monitoring with M-Bus to Ethernet conversion

Ethernet power meter systems with SNMP or Modbus/TCP output


Standalone solution (internal logger available)

Sends an alarm in the event of a failure or a value out of a specified range (E-mail, SNMP Trap, SMS)

Compatible with any 3rd party M-Bus meters

Converts the consumption (e.g. from [kWh] to [€]) without a computer or additional software

Many M2M protocols: SNMP, ModbusTCP, XML (HTTP)

Software: PDMS + XML overview to MS Excel

Online Portal: SensDesk

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